Shoppe Gal, The Memoir

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L.E. Hard cover, dust jacket signed copy


Ever wonder about the HEALING qualities of TATTOO?!

This memoir is a collection of memories and anecdotes of Imani K Brown,  ‘kawaii’ black female tattoo artist -

a journey of how tattoo and embracing her kawaii spirit saved her life.

Shoppe Gal is a coming-of-age story from aspiring tattoo artist to 16-year tattoo professional  to a multi-hyphenate business owner. 


From the Author

It’s been a journey. And it’s far from over.

But I can catch you up, share where I been and where I’m going.

This hit different cuz I’ve never shared my journey. I only answer questions when asked. And I’ve never deconstructed the conscious decisions I’ve made that have led me to where I am today.


TODAY, in my tattoo practice, I do 3 important things:

1. I help people embrace the pain & release it, through tattoo

2. I help people love the skin that they’re in ^.^

3. Lead through transparency, using my own tattoo journey as example, when relatable.

And this is HIGH KEY relatable ^.^⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I’ve never shared how tattoo LITERALLY saved my life, in more ways than one, or how it continues to do so.

Or how it’s helped me make space for myself when denied access ...⠀⠀⠀

I’ve never {thoroughly} shared my mental instabilities and vulnerabilities as a black woman, an artist, a creative or more importantly ~

a HUMAN⠀⠀⠀⠀

The pre-order is a limited edition hardcover (with dust jacket cuz dust jackets are cool! ^.^) and comes with some pretty solid THANK YOU’s too! Just for YOU ⠀

THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with me



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